My mental illness.

Today I'd thought I would talk a little about my own mental illness, as a lot of people cast it off as something else, or simply don't understand it. I feel like talking about mental illness in this society is frowned upon, or unspoken. So here. Honesty time. I have diagnosed Anxiety and Depression. They … Continue reading My mental illness.


Let’s talk about Sleep!

Hello world! It's been a bit since I've been a-blogging. Truth is, I haven't had much energy to do so. I am also fighting a severe cold (thanks, Abby). I have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. I have had these problems ever since I can remember. ┬áSo, since I cannot think of anything else … Continue reading Let’s talk about Sleep!

Let us Talk About Mental Illness, Part One.

Having a mental illness sucks. Like literally sucks... and those who have one or more mental illness cannot help it/them. Mental illness can only be appeased via medication, which can only do so much, not to mention has numerous side effects including suicidal thoughts (?!?), insomnia, weight changes and decreased sex drive (those are for … Continue reading Let us Talk About Mental Illness, Part One.