So Apparently I’m a Raging Feminist…

Okay guys, lets talk. I have been called a Raging feminist several times by my sister, Abby. Which got me thinking about other labels, like Feminist. So, what is a feminist? What makes me a “raging feminist”? I have been particularly “raging” lately, but it is not because women have to wear bras still (they actually help).

Being a feminist is believe in the equality of all, specifically between sexes. Feminists can be anyone. I guess I have been more vocal about things like gender norms, stereotypes and other “ceilings” that must be shattered.

According to Urban Dictionary, “Raging Feminist” is a slang word, used to insult a person “beyond rage”. Like, Why is feminism used as a slang?

Does it mean that I am raging because I am actually vocal now? I have gone a long way from the shy introverted monotone person I was in the past. Now, I express myself more, and speak up for what is right. Yes, I am angry at today’s society, but we all should be. Long standing institutions have been set up to oppress people, and give preference to others (like white and/or male) that must be changed. We all must realize that these institutions hurt all of us, even those who have privilege, earned or unearned.

I just started an online summer class that talks about sociology and gender. I just read about unearned entitlement, unearned advantage, and confirmed dominance. So by default, by how they look, what they are born into, people are at an advantage. Doesn’t that make you angry?

I am angry how I am looked at differently simply because my hair is not a boring color.

I am angry at how because I identify as female, I automatically am at a disadvantage.

I am angry at how it is assumed that I am heterosexual (simply because society), and am unhappy with how I look again, because society tells us to look a certain way.

This list can go on and on.

If I am labeled as a “raging feminist”,  then I accept it. I am not however, burning bras (those cost $$$ people), hating all men (just most) or whatever. And no, I am not always angry. I embrace the anger as I am conscientious of the oppressive society that we live in. If anything, being a feminist has allowed me to bloom: I am more confident in saying what I want to say, and I am confident in who I am.

We should all be feminists | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TEDxEuston 


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