One Year Ago Today…

So, I go on Facebook a lot. I know, I am not “hip” like other millennials and use Snapchat or Instagram a lot. There is a lot more to look at than other Social Media: articles, opinions, news, from all kinds of sources.

One feature that I like to look at everyday on Facebook is the Memories feature. I get notified of things that I have posted on that day in the past. I can remember when I first started using Facebook, posting statuses like ” Lotz of Homework today, UGH” or ” Amy C is drinking water and eating a banana.” (these are real posts by the way). I don’t post a lot these days other than re-posting news or a feminist opinionated photo.

Facebook notified me today that exactly one year ago, I was accepted into the Disney College Program.


This is what I posted. I received about 30 likes, which is a lot for me.

When I got that email, I was ecstatic. I screamed “I’m going to Disney World!” as If I was going there for a vacation. I had no idea what I was in store for.

Let me save you the time and say that I almost treated it like a vacation. I would give my paychecks right back to the mouse in the form of overpriced food and merchandise. I would take extra days off just so that I could go to a Disney park, usually Magic Kingdom. When I did work, I did not like it. I was assigned the Merchandise Role, which basically means retail. If I was assigned a different role, I might of been able to stay longer.

Another factor was my anxiety and depression. Looking back, I was never truly happy. I would almost always go to the parks by myself, which in itself is depressing. Walt Disney World is a place for families: I felt like the odd woman out when I went to the parks since it was just me, surrounded by families. I noticed that Disney expects guests to be in groups, their protocol gave that impression. So, being in the “Happiest Place on Earth”, I felt unhappy and ultimately alone. Having to put on a face every work day, along with following the numerous rules was exhausting. I missed home and my old workplace more and more. I spent more and more money in the Parks to try to make myself happy, yet making myself more broke, and feeling more empty. I would like to mention my roommates: Emma, Katie, Alyssa, Shay and Carolynn. They were helpful throughout the months that I was in Florida and will always miss them.

So, what did I learn?

  • I learned that I am capable of living independent from my parents, which I wasn’t sure about before.
  • I learned that I am unable to work retail for the rest of my life.
  • I learned that I prefer to live with people. Especially to avoid “Going down the Rabbit hole”.
  • I learned that I have an unusual obsession with Dole Whips.
  • I learned that the College program was no more than a way for Disney to fill in holes in their workforce.
  • I learned to conquer my fear of roller coasters (to a point- I’m looking at you Rockin’ Roller coaster and Tower of Terror.)
  • I learned that I am obsessed with Disney. I literally have dreams and nightmares about Walt Disney World almost every night since I miss the place.
  • I learned that I cannot work for a place where they put college kids to work, working at the bottom of the food chain for 30+hours, with all kinds of rules.
  • Disney is like a drug. Your brain acts a certain way when you are “on” Disney. It requires time to loosen the grip Disney has.

When you are at Walt Disney World, you are on a high. It is intoxicating and dangerous. I ultimately made the decision to leave early for many reasons, including what I already said. Working for mouse is different that playing at his magical park. Also, depression is no joke: You can be in the center of the Magic Kingdom, Mickey ears and all, and still feel empty, outside of yourself.

So thanks, Facebook, for reminding me of what happened last year. I don’t regret going down there, I wish I was capable of staying the whole time. I have been avoiding remembering the magical and not so magical times I had while down there. It is good to remember, to be happy and to learn.

Also, when am I going back down there to visit?

Not soon enough.


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