Let us Talk About Mental Illness, Part One.

Having a mental illness sucks. Like literally sucks… and those who have one or more mental illness cannot help it/them. Mental illness can only be appeased via medication, which can only do so much, not to mention has numerous side effects including suicidal thoughts (?!?), insomnia, weight changes and decreased sex drive (those are for one of my medications BTW). In fact, one common side effect of one of my other medications that I take is indeed, depression, and other uncommon side effects are Amenorrhoea (no more periods people), stroke and heart attacks!

****Rant about side effects over, but seriously people, READ YOUR MEDICATION LABELS****

Also, I want to say that being diagnosed a specific mental illness does not mean that other people suffer the same way for the same reason(s). Each person deals with what’s going on upstairs differently.

I for one have crippling anxiety and depression, especially relating to socializing. This is why I am blogging rather than direct action for my activist project. It is hard for me to socialize sometimes. I hate it, but what can I do?

I can be open, and not put myself in uncomfortable situations.

With that being said, being passionate about certain subjects, like women’s rights or minority rights and speaking out and being a part of change reduces my depression and anxiety. Being out in the world and keeping busy helps. Although I have my days where I let myself stay in bed, it feels good to be busy. To take it to the next level, it would feel amazing to make a difference and express my values.

Here is the thing- mental illnesses cannot be 100% cured. Things like medicine and therapy can help, but only to a point. When someone is having an anxiety attack or a depressive episode, which can last from a few minutes and longer, you can be there for the person. In some cases, people need to be alone- ask what the person wants, don’t assume anything. Furthermore, do not assume that since someone appears that they are fine and dandy does not mean that they are actually okay, same with the opposite. I am overall one of the most positive and happy people I know, but there are times where I “go down the rabbit hole” or I just can’t talk to that one stranger or make that phone call.

Having a Mental Illness is exhausting.

That’s all I have to say today.

Want to find out more about mental illness? Check out www.nami.org




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