Talking about International Women’s Day


So back to International Women’s Day. I attended the Keynote Address at my university by Activist Loretta Ross. Let me tell you internet- If you do not know who she is, you need to look her up! She tells it like it is, and is very inspiring. Shes been fighting for women’s rights for Forty years!! It seemed like she could talk forever, and everyone would listen. The main point that she talked about was how Women’s Rights are Human Rights, and that there are eight (maybe nine) human rights that everyone has. Here they are:

  1. Civil rights – basically, participating in society without oppression or discrimination.
  2. Political Human rights– Examples include the right to vote, and the Bill of Rights.
  3. Economic Rights– Occupy Wall Street, the Right to a Living Wage, reasonable work hours.
  4. Socio-human rights– Rights that everyone should have simply because we are human: food, shelter, education, health care, welfare.
  5. Cultural Human Rights– Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Religionanything that is born out of one’s culture.
  6. Environmental Human Rights– Straight forward, Protect the environment.
  7. Developmental Human Rights– Spawning out of colonialist history, the right to develop using their own natural resources without outside influence.
  8. Sexual human rights– The right to sexual pleasure, to have (or not have) kids, to marry, sexual healthcare.
  9. Potentially, Digital Human rights- The right to be connected.

Loretta explained that each of these rights are basic human rights that every human should have. Of course, this is far from true today. Women are not equal even in the most “modern and powerful” countries, like the United States. Regardless of who you support, what your opinions are, we all must fight for our rights and we all must come together instead of fighting against each other. I mean, there is still a fight for allowing women the right to decide what happens to their bodies! Discrimination is running rampant, especially with the current president. People are still without basic necessities around the world, people are starving, without education, clean water, the list goes on.

Loretta also talked about how you don’t have to fight all of the time.

What we need to realize is that we all are the same species. We all deserve to be treated with respect. We all deserve to live our lives, be educated, fed and be able to choose what we want to do in our daily lives, without outside influence.

So, how often will you celebrate women?



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