So Today is International Women’s Day…

So, today is International Women’s Day, and here are some thoughts, opinions, and such.

  • This day has been celebrated for over 100 years, yes, a century… Sayyy Whaaaat
  • I have conflicting thoughts. So, why is there only one day that celebrates women? Women should not be celebrated once a year.They should be celebrated everyday. Why is there a need for Women’s rights? Women should of already had full rights wayyy back when. The straight white male-dominated society cannot allow themselves from being on top of their “golden pedestal”. But in truth, Who Runs the World? Well, those who identify as women make the babies who eventually “run” the world sooooo…
  • Making babies should not be the thing that makes us weak, it should make us the opposite. Women either push a baby out of their VAGINAS, or, a surgeon opens up her abdomen, scoops out and pushes aside her organs, cuts open her uterus and pulls out her kin. Like, What?

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